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TRX • Force KitThe best-in-class, lightweight, all-body training system developed in the Navy SEALs to build mobility, strength, power and core stability ANYWHERE. Get the same training used pervasively throughout the military, by first responders and by MMA fighters.

Take your strength and endurance up to the level of America's highest echelon of fighting forces with the TRX FORCE Kit.

Comes complete with a DVD and ruggedized guidebook, which comprises a 12-week progressive workout program. If you are looking to build your mobility, endurance, strength, power and core stability up to the level of Peak Operational Readiness then this is all you need. Get the same training equipment and programming used pervasively throughout all branches of the military directly from the pioneers of Suspension Training.

TRX FORCE Kit comes loaded with

  • The updated TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer
    (T2 model features design enhancements such as: a recessed anchoring carabineer, a self-adjusting equalizer loop and a suspension anchor with intermediate anchor loops for a better user experience. It still weighs under 2lbs, fits in a package the size of an MRE and attaches in seconds to any secure anchor point. Rated up to 1000 lbs.)
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • Mesh Carrying Bag
  • TRX FORCE Training DVD which includes two comprehensive real-time workouts run by TRX creator and former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick and TRX Director of Education Fraser Quelch and an exercise library
  • Military Fitness Guide
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