Core Training • TRX • Xtender

The nylon TRX® Extender allows you to attach your TRX® to any anchor point while maintaining the recommended TRX® height from the ground, so you can use your TRX® on any anchor point.

Take your TRX® workout higher. The TRX®Xtender allows you to safely attach the TRX®Suspension Trainer™to high anchor points (9 ft. or more off the ground) and large vertical anchor points such as trees and poles. TRX® Xtenders are also great for keeping the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ - tightly in place on any vertical pole with a smooth surface.

The TRX® Xtender is great for high ceilings, basketball hoops, large trees and more. For greater lengths, join two or more Xtenders together. Please refer to the instructions included with your TRX® Extender.

Compatible with all TRX® Anchoring Solutions, including TRX®Xmount (sold separately).


TRX • Xtender
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