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Unique to Torque Fitness, the F3 quickly folds into a solid enclosure of less than four feet by four feet that fits neatly in a corner of your home. When not using the gym, simply close the attractice doors to minimize floor space, reduce access to moving parts and streamline your environment.

For workouts, take advantage of the vertical pressing platform with cables and pulleys that promote greater joint structure integrity, muscular balance and neuromuscular coordination by recruiting both prime mover and assistor muscles. Enjoy exceptional exercise variety with dual swivel high and mid-pulleys that facilitate natural, functional movements, in addition to the exercise-ready leg extension, standing leg curl and low pulley.

The beauty of the F3 is that workouts are quick and focused – everything you need is at your fingertips, with minimal adjustments necessary.

Plus, you'll benefit from exclusive Torque features like the ergonomically designed T-grip™ soft strap handles, FAST-Attach™ cable coupling system,Torque Orange adjustment points and the smooth, quiet sound-dampened weight stack featuring the magnetically adhered Torque Fork™ weight stack selector.

Valuable accessories and attachments provide even more options for shaping your body, and they store neatly in a built-in accessory storage area.

Experience health-club versatility in the convenience of home - then simply tuck away the F3 to maximize your living space.

That's Intelligent Design... Powerful results.

Exclusively from Torque Fitness.

So what makes the F3 so special?

The F3 produces optimal exercise variety in an easy to use, intuitive and space-efficient platform. By providing a progressive workout platform that combines traditional machine-supported, isolation exercises and functional, user-defined and core strengthening movements, greater results are achieved in less time. Studies show this is the most effective way to train your body for maximal performance and efficiency.

Torque Fitness • F3

Product Specifications:

Physical Product Dimensions: (Closed) Length = 42 inches (107 cm) • Width = 42 inches (107 cm) • Height = 83 inches (211 cm)

Physical Product Dimensions: (Open) Length = 66 inches (168 cm) • Width = 66 inches (168 cm) • Height = 83 inches (211 cm)

Working Product Dimensions: Length = 140 inches (356 cm) • Width = 72 inches (183 cm) • Height = 83 inches (211 cm)

Product Weight: 568 lbs. (258 Kg) (with weight stack)

Warranty: Frame and welds : Lifetime • Parts, cables, and upholstry : 10 years

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