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The F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer™ combines optimal time saving full body workouts with incredible space efficiency. Equipped with two position, internally mounted dual adjustable swivel pulley columns, this innovative home gym system allows for more exercise variety in a functional training design that optimizes workout efficiency while enhancing aesthetic appeal and space efficiency. It's simple to find a corner in which to tuck the compact F5.

Workout faster and smarter. Then tuck away your gym, enhance your décor and optimize your living space.

Intelligent design, powerful results. That’s Fold Away Strength Trainer technology. That’s the Torque Fitness F5.

So what makes the F5 so special?

The flagship of the Torque Fitness, F.A.S.T. Series, the F5 is the ultimate space efficiency, fully functional home strength trainer.

The F5 produces the greatest amount of exercise variety by providing a progressive workout platform combining bench supported exercise movements with the ability to fold and lock the bench up and out of the way. This provides an open exercise platform for performing exercise ball* (sold separately, burst-proof exercise ball required) and standing exercise movements that allow for functional, user defined and core strengthening exercise movements. Studies show this is the most effective way to train your body for maximal performance and efficiency.

This unprecedented amount of exercise variety allows you to avoid the diminished results of muscular adaptation, when your body gets used to training the same muscle in the same manner over and over again and allows you to mix up the way you train your body which reduces repetitive stress injuries and provides increased results in less time.

Features and Benefits

  • Fold Away Strength Trainer
  • 4'x4' footprint !
  • Elevated door locks for child safety
  • Adjustable dual cable columns
  • Fast-Attach quick connection system for strong and simple handle changes
  • Adjustable swivel pulleys for functional movement exercises
  • Exercises can also be completed on a stability ball for unstable surface training
  • Tapered roller pads optimize comfort and ergonomics
  • Torque Fork (TM) weight selection maximizes safety and efficiency when changing resistance
  • Color-Coded adjustment points, latching pins, and levers
  • Commercial grade upholstered pads
  • 200 pound weight stack with sound damping bushings
  • Solid Steel guide rods for smooth weight stack travel
  • Integrated bench uses gas assist shocks for easy adjustment; bench also has positive locking mechanism for safety
  • Versatile attachments for complete exercise programs

Torque Fitness • F5

Product Specifications:

Physical Product Dimensions (closed): L = 42 inches (107 cm) • W = 42 inches (107 cm) • H = 83.5 inches (212 cm)

Physical Product Dimensions (open): L = 72 inches (183 cm) • W = 72 inches (183 cm) • H = 83.5 inches (212 cm)

Working Product Dimensions: L = 90 inches (229 cm) • W = 90 inches (229 cm) • H = 83.5 inches (212 cm)

Product Weight: 814 lbs. (370 Kg)

Warranty: Frame and welds : Lifetime • Parts, cables, and upholstry : 10 years

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