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The Torque F7 Fold Away Strength Trainer was designed to deliver everything that people look for in a home gym: Aesthetics that blend with your home decor; a small Footprint to conserve space; three-dimensional motion to train the way your body moves in everyday life and sporting activities; more Exercise Variety to eliminate physical and mental fatigue.


The F7 Fold Away Strength Trainer is a dual weight stack gym that offers true independent functional training packaged in a small fold-away footprint. With two adjustable swivel pulleys - each with 30 positions - and two different widths, the F7 accommodates users of all sizes in performing unlimited exercises. The docking station for the optional flat-to-incline bench automatically aligns exercisers in the correct position, and the multi-use chin/press assist strap enables users of all skill levels to perform exercises. Plus, the cable columns, bench, and optional exercise balls or training accessories all can be hidden away inside the attractive closing doors. Equipped with several standard accessories, the F7 provides the most functional variety for training today for all levels of exercisers.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual independent weight stacks - Allow for simultaneous isolateral movement of both sides of the body
  • Dual adjustable column width - 46 inch (117cm) and 57 inch (145 cm) widths accommodate all users in performing a variety of exercises
  • Dual cable column adjustable swivel pulleys - Feature one-handed adjustments that have 30 positions in 2 inch (5 >cm) increments and 93.75 inches of cable travel
  • Fold away doors - Enclose gym and all training accessories in a aesthetically pleasing manner
  • Accessory storage - Built-in information/accessory zone neatly stores all standard equipment and accessories
  • Docking station - Positions optional flat-to-incline bench to correctly align users for all exercises
  • Integrated chin-up - With multiple grip locations and weight assist
  • Fast-Attach™ coupling system - Facilitates one-handed attachment and removal of accessories
  • Torque Fork™ - Allows for quick and easy weight plate selections
  • Sound-dampening weight stack - Bushings eliminate metal-on-metal contact for quieter operation
  • Standard accessories - Complete functional training provided with the two T-grip™ strap handles, chin/press assist strap, straight bar, leg boot, squat harness and two universal adapters for using other non-proprietery Torque accessories.

Standard Equipment

  • (2) independent 150 lb (91 kg) weight stacks
  • (2) T-grip™ strap handles
  • Straight bar
  • Chin/press assist strap
  • Leg boot
  • (2) universal adapters with snap hooks
  • Workout tracking clipboard for use with HyperStrike customized workouts

Optional Equipment

  • Flat-to-incline bench - Integrates with docking location, stores inside enclosure, and features five different back pad >positions (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°) and two seat pad angles (0°, -15°) all operated with fingertip selection

Torque Fitness • F7
Torque Fitness • F7
Torque Fitness • F7


Residential: Frame and welds: Lifetime, Parts: Lifetime, Upholstery, cables, grips and strap handles: 10 years

Light Commercial: Frame and welds: 10 years, Parts: 1 year, Upholstery, cables, grips and strap handles: 90 days

Product Specifications:

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