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The incredibly space-efficient, single station Torque Fitness TQ3 gym transforms a tiny corner of your home into a full line-up of health club weight machines with extraordinary versatility and premium operation.

Equipped with Torque’s exclusive Hybrid™ Strength Technology, the TQ3 yields an exceptional range of all your favorite exercises. Plus, cable/pulley technology facilitates virtually unlimited user-defined movements that build functional and core strength by working multiple muscle groups and multiple joints.

For either simultaneous or independent upper-body exercises, grab hold of the high, mid or low-level dual pulleys, and enjoy a multitude of training options. And ensure proper positioning and back stability with the adjustable angle back pad.

Add to this the exclusive Iso-Balance™ independent leg extension and leg curl arms, as well as optional Leg Press/Calf Raise foot pedestals, in which you can work both legs simultaneously or each leg independently to develop greater functional coordination and balanced strength.

For proper body positioning and additional support during leg curl and rowing exercises, take advantage of the quick and easy flip-up seat pad.

Plus, benefit from exclusive Torque features like the comfortable and smooth ergonomically designed T-grip™ handles, exclusive FAST-Attach™ cable coupling system, Torque Orange adjustment points and the exceptionally smooth and quiet sounddampened 200-pound weight stack featuring the unique, magnetically adhered Torque Fork™ weight stack selector. Add to this valuable accessories and attachments that deliver expanded choices of exercises and efficient, effective, safe workouts.

Challenge your body, blast boredom and reap rapid results with the remarkable variety and performance of the TQ3.



Lifetime on frame, welds and parts,10 years on cables and upholstery.



  • Hybrid™ Strength Technology enables progression from traditional, bench-supported exercises to self-supported, user-defined movements that incorporate more muscle
    groups and core stabilization—for greater results in less time
  • Single station, vertical press design facilitates variety of exercises in comfortable, upright pressing position
  • Adjustable back pad creates “user-forward” design for a variety of pressing angles that are convenient, comfortable and maintain exercise integrity
  • Dual swivel high and counterbalanced mid pulleys allow for multitude of traditional exercises, core strengthening and functional movements
  • Full shroud enclosure limits exposure to moving parts and enhances aesthetic appeal
  • Iso-Balance™ independent leg extension/leg curl arms promote individual leg and upper-body development for improved muscular balance and reduced risk of injuries
  • Flip-up seat pad offers hip and upper-body stabilization during standing leg curls and rowing exercises
  • Dual low pulleys can be used simultaneously or one at a time
  • Convenient flip-up foot plate facilitates seated rows from low pulleys and offers stabilization for upright exercises
  • Exclusive FAST-Attach™ quick connection system delivers quick, easy handle changeover
  • 200-pound blended steel/cast iron weight stack includes sound-dampening bushings to prevent metal-on-metal noise
  • Torque Fork™ weight selection device uses magnetic adherence for quick, safe resistance adjustments
  • Versatile attachments: short strap D-handle; long strap D-handle; (2) universal adapters with snap hooks; lat bar and ankle strap

Optional Leg Press/ Calf Raise:

  • Unique Iso-Balance™ technology permits leg press with foot platforms connected or independent for variety and balance training
Torque Fitness • TQ3
Torque Fitness • TQ3
Torque Fitness • TQ3

Product Specifications:

Live Working Area (TQ3)
Length . . . . . . .140" (356 cm)
Width . . . . . . . .72" (183 cm)
Height . . . . . . . 83" (211 cm)

Live Working Area (TQ3 & Leg Press)
Length . . . . . . .140" (356 cm)
Width . . . . . . . .91" (231 cm)
Height . . . . . . . 83" (211 cm)

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