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BAS - Body Action System will push you to your limits in this fully adjustable boxing unit. Let Bas Rutten (MMA Champion) take you through the workout of your life, using martial arts moves the BAS will burn body fat making you leaner, stronger and more toned!

Way Better Workout in Way Less Time

My Body Action System is perfect for everybody. I teach classes on all levels in my gym and I can tell you, whether you're starting your first exercise program or you are the toughest fighter, you will get an amazing benefit. Great workout, more muscle activation, FUN...

"What more could you ask for?"

God Speed and Party On!

- Bas Rutten

The Most Effective Mixed Martial Arts Workout

• Full Body Workout

• Great Cardio Exercise

• Excellent Strength Training

• Up to 30x more muscle activation

• Customize for all sizes & configurations

• Folds up effortlessly in just seconds

• Soft interactive targets ensure correct form & add resistance to your workout. FUN!

BAS - Body Action System

Body Action System
Deluxe Model

Body Action System

Quick Overview

The head pad is the only hitting pad of its kind in the world allowing you to do upper cuts and hooks correctly. Interactive targets on the torso pad ensure proper form and aim with punches, kicks, elbows & knees. All pads can be adjusted up and down for any user height or preference. Stand collapses quickly and easily for compact storage.


  • Fully Customizable Stand
  • Head Pad
  • Torso Pad
  • Instructional DVD
  • 6 high quality double zippered cotton sand bags (silica sand not included)


  • 2 Focus Pads with fully adjustable T-Bar for unlimited angle choices 2nd Instructional DVD

Body Action System
Focus Pads & T-Bar

Body Action System

Quick Overview

The perfect compliment to the Standard Body Action System. Focus Pads & T-Bar add more depth and versatility to your workout. Great for kicks, side to side moves and advanced core training. 2nd DVD working with Focus Pads.


  • 2 Focus Pads with fully adjustable T-Bar for unlimited angle choices
  • 2nd Instructional DVD

Striking Gloves

Striking Gloves

Quick Overview

  • Wrist wraps help stabilize wrists and provide support
  • Naturally contoured fingers for comfort

The Body Action System Strike Gloves are perfect for striking your Body Action System.

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