Treadmills • Smooth Fitness • 9.35

The Smooth 9.35 is a non-folding fitness treadmill machine that offers a superior blend of quality, value and features. The durability of this machine makes this commercial grade treadmill perhaps the best home treadmill for long term use.

With a im-pression shock absorption that allows superior cushioning to accommodate your running style and quick change hand rail controls to adjust your speed and inline, the 9.35 is perfect for jogging and running. Also, the powerful yet quiet 4.0 continuous duty motor keeps up with your most intense workout as does the welded steel frame and commercial grade treadmill deck that is specially built for running.


Treadmills • Smooth Fitness • 9.35

Equipment Features

QuickChange™ Hand Rail Speed and Incline Control: Adjust the Smooth 9.35 treadmill incline and speed easily. The buttons are accessible on the handrails of the Smooth 9.35 and will not distract your workout

Im-Pression™ Shock Absorption Cushioning System: The Smooth 9.35 cushioning system helps reduce harmful impact on your joints and back, providing a soft landing for the front foot and firm push-off for the rear foot. Exercise on the Smooth 9.35 treadmill comfortably and for longer periods of time with less fatigue and distress.

Integrated Reading Rack/Media Shelf: The integrated reading rack is perfect for holding books, magazines, newspapers, a cell phone and audio devices.

Blue BackLit LCD Display: The large blue backlit LCD display lightens up your Smooth 9.35 treadmill screen displaying speed, time, distance, incline, calories burned and heart rate control.

Wireless Heart Rate Control: The Smooth 9.35 treadmill comeS standard with a Polar wireless chest belt transmitter and built in receiver which will control the function of the treadmill based on your target heart rate setting.

SmoothSound™ Audio System: You will be energized as you workout to the latest music on your Smooth 9.35 treadmill. The music system with built in speakers and Mp3 compatibility will help you stay motivated on this running treadmill.

SmoothDrive™ 4.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor: Built for long life and complete silence, the Smooth 9.35 treadmill motor operates noise-free and is engineered with an advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit board more typically found on commercial treadmills. Speed sensors working in conjunction with the PWM ensure smooth speed changes.

31 Challenging Preset Programs: Your workout on the Smooth 9.35 can always be different and challenging with 31 treadmill programs that include a manual program, 8 preset incline programs, 8 preset speed programs, 5 speed/incline programs, 4 heart rate control programs, 1 fitness test and 4 custom programs.

Transport Wheels: Transport wheels provide easy movement of the Smooth 9.35 treadmill, helping you move your treadmill to any room in the house.

Water Bottle Holders: The Smooth 9.35 treadmill offers a convenient water bottle holder for your most intense treadmill workouts.

SmoothAir™ Fan: The Smooth 9.35 treadmill has a built in fan that will help you power through your most intense workouts.


Manual Program: You can alter the speed or incline at your preference at anytime during your workout on the Smooth 9.35 treadmill for a customizable routine.

8 Incline Programs: The incline programs automatically modifies the level of incline for the 9.35 treadmill belt.

4 Custom Programs: Create your own custom program on the Smooth 9.35 treadmill. Whether it's a walk in the park or a hike in the mountains you can record your favorite workout and repeat as many times as you like. As your tastes change or your fitness level increases you can modify these programs to meet your needs.

8 Speed Programs: The speed programs automatically changes the speed of the Smooth 9.35 treadmill throughout the workout.

5 Speed/Incline Programs: 5 speed and incline programs modify the level of speed and incline for the Smooth 8.35 treadmill belt throughout the workout.

Fitness Test: Fitness test judged on speed of completion.

Heart Rate Control Programs: The heart rate control programs automatically modify the speed and incline to maintain a preset target heart rate.

Equipment Specifications / Warranty

Box Dimensions: 87" L x 36" W x 18" H

Foot Print: 81" L x 34" W x 54" H

Unit Weight: 365lbs

Max User Weight: 400lbs

Computer Display: Blue Back Lit LCD

Speed Range: 0.5 - 12.5 mph

Incline Levels: 1 - 15

# of Programs: 30

Motor Horsepower: 4.0 CHP

Walking Surface: 21" x 61"

Roller Size: 2.75"

Frame Type: Non-Folding

Warranty: 2 year warranty on the frame, motor, parts & electronics and 1 year in home labor.

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